Evelyn reveals her secrets

As the class leaves for Canberra, Zac asks Matt if he has any alcohol in his bag. A cocky Matt tells Zac to search his bag, but Zac declines. Evelyn puts her foot in it twice. Firstly, when she tells Zac that Alf, a veteran, will be coming along. Secondly, when Josh overhears her thanking Matt for keeping their kiss a secret.

Chris refuses to visit his dad in hospital while Spencer confides in Roo and Alf about his concerns, but they encourage him to go. When Spencer leaves, Roo confronts Alf about facing his fears. Meanwhile, Maddy decides to tell her mum she has cancer.

With Josh off on the excursion, Andy finally gives in and lets Hannah help him study for his exam, but can’t concentrate. So, Hannah suggests a game of strip study to help him learn.

In Canberra, Marilyn whistles loudly to quiten the kids down and Zac tells them to behave respectively while inside. Marilyn offers Alf a supportive hand as he enters the war memorial for the first time.