Evelyn shares Tank’s secret with Leah

Evelyn sees Tank’s sporting a black eye and then sees Tank arguing with Principle Snelgrove, who turns out to be his dad. He then tells Evelyn that his dad is responsible for his black eye. Later, Evelyn tells Leah that Snelgrove is abusing Tank. Leah confronts the principle, who says Tank is the abusive one and that Evelyn should stay away from him.

Kat insists that Ricky has dinner with her, Nate and another friend. Ricky sits through an awkward dinner with lovebirds and receives a stern warning from Kat’s friend Pete to stay away from the couple. After the meal, Kyle rings to say Casey isn’t feeling well. Nate and Kat rush home with Ricky to check he’s fine, but Ricky is heartbroken to see how natural Nate is with Casey.

Phoebe asks Ash to move in with her. Ash says yes, believing that living with three women can’t be as hard a prison. However, after being subjected to ground rules by the girls, he begins to think twice.