Evelyn stands by Tank

When Hannah knocks on Evelyn’s door, Tank and Evelyn realise they’ve overslept and Tank hides under the bed. As Hannah and Evelyn talk about her relationship with Tank, Evelyn is firm that he is the one. When Hannah leaves, Tank escapes out of the bedroom window but VJ sees him sneaking out and exposes Evelyn’s secret. After Tank threatens Oscar again, Oscar tells his sister, but she refuses to believe a single word said against Tank.

Later, Evelyn manages to call Tank from the house phone and pair agrees that the only way they can be together is if they move away from Summer Bay.

Roo is contemplating giving James a second chance, much to the disbelief of Irene. Meanwhile, Morag calls Alf and gives him the news that James is married, but Roo doesn’t want to talk about her relationship woes. So Alf pays James a visit and tells him to stay away. With everyone warning Roo that James is bad news, Roo takes off her engagement ring – but admits she’s not ready to walk away.