Evelyn is suspiciously over-confident about her English exam – because she’s stolen the answers from Zac. To teach him a lesson for getting drunk, Evie distributes the stolen paper to half the class. Josh decides to cheat and is caught during the exam. When Zac asks all the cheating students to come forward, he is surprised to see Evelyn amongst them. She announces that she distributed the exam to everyone, leaving Zac flummoxed.

Leah finally wakes up to discover that she needs a liver transplant, but John is cagey about Marilyn getting herself tested. When Alf tries to donate his own liver and is refused, John has a change of heart. Of course Marilyn should get tested – it’s her own decision after all.

Brax and Casey are back from London, while Heath and Bianca go to Melbourne to visit Harley and Jess. Casey tells Ricky that Brax checked himself out of hospital early to follow her back to Australia. Cheryl turns up and warns Brax not to tell Casey that his real father is Johnny Barrett and acts suspiciously nice to Casey. Meanwhile, Kyle is surprised when Phoebe suggests that they stay in Summer Bay.

Ricky turns up to see Brax, but as he professes his love for her, he suddenly falls to the ground in pain.