Evelyn visits Tank

Leah admits she can understand why Zac wants to help Tank, but Evelyn comes first. Oscar also makes it clear that he’s disgusted by Zac’s choice, but when Zac tells Oscar that Tank saved his life, he has a change of heart. Evelyn goes to see Tank, at first she is wary, but after Tank shows genuine remorse for his actions, she decides its time to move on. She goes home and gives Zac her blessing to help Tank.

Nate is disappointed by Ricky’s casual attitude to their big day, especially when she says she won’t be taking his surname. He blasé attitude continues when Roo accidently rips her dress and she doesn’t bat an eyelid. While, Nate talks to Zac it seems he has every right to be concerned, as Ricky receives a text from Brax.

Also, Olivia organises a surprise picnic for Hunter and the pair make up for lost time by getting intimate. But afterwards, Olivia rushes off and when she gets home she takes out a pregnancy-testing kit from her bag…