Evelyn’s dismayed when Spencer arrives at the lodge

Murray is pleased to see Evelyn interacting with Spencer. Sasha goes to the lodge to try and convince Spencer to leave with her and Murray gets Evelyn to escort Sasha from the property. When they’re away from Murray, Evelyn reveals she will help Spencer to leave. Meanwhile, Zac goes to Leah for help about Oscar’s behaviour. Leah reminds Zac he’s gone from being single to a parent overnight. Murray asks Spencer to attend the next discovery weekend with Evelyn.

No one is allowed to see Brax yet. Ricky is overwhelmed and the brothers are left to make decisions about Angelo’s. With everyone assembled, Heath asks what they should do about the business. If they sell they have money for Brax’s appeal, however, Kyle thinks they need to keep Angelo’s open for continuous cash flow.. 

Bianca has been asked to take in a number of Mangrove River High students after their school burnt down. Bianca is overwhelmed by the problems presented by Mangrove River students and Heath is hurt. Does she think that Mangrove River kids can’t mix with the Summer Bay crowd?

Kyle, prompted by Heath’s bitterness, approaches Bianca to convince her not to give up on the Mangrove River kids. He also tells her about Heath’s ambitions. Bianca understands and takes on the Mangrove River students.