Even Roxy turns on Archie!

Tanya tries to talk to Max about their kiss, but he tells her they should seize the day and live for the moment. Abi asks Tanya what will happen if Lauren doesn’t come home and Tanya tries to reassure her that Lauren will return, even though she doubts her own words of comfort.

Archie is on the outer limits when Ronnie viciously rejects him, while Roxy turns him away from the Vic. Roxy throws some of Archie’s belongings out into the road and a genuinely distraught Janine offers to help him pick them up. A remorseful Janine takes flowers to the spot where she killed Danielle and breaks down.

Danielle’s father Andy visits Stacey to talk things through and when Ronnie turns up Stacey tells her that it’s too late for her to start caring about Danielle now. Stacey tells Andy the whole sorry story about Danielle’s search for her mother. Ronnie offers her support to Andy, but gives her identity away. A furious Andy accuses Ronnie of killing Danielle with her neglect.

Also, Masood stands up for Jane when Phil rails at her about the mess in the Vic; Jane tells Ian he needs to be more kind and Ian gives out free coffees.

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