It is the aftermath of the outbreak at The Mill. Cherry is in isolation in hospital and everyone is waiting for news of her recovery. The press are keen to find out what happened and question staff as they arrive at The Campus.

Julia makes her phone ring to avoid speaking to them. Jimmi goes to the hospital to visit Cherry and is allowed in to see her. Jack can’t face going to his lecture and seeing Lucy, but she calls him and he agrees to meet her.

Jimmi updates Karen on Cherry’s condition. Karen becomes teary and begins to question if she and Rob need a break. Having seen The Mill on the news, Karen’s old friend Angie calls and they arrange to meet for lunch. Angie tries to encourage Karen to get back in the dating scene and thinks she has the perfect guy to set her up with. Karen doesn’t know if this is a good idea!

Jack meets Lucy to find out why she kissed him and thinks it may be best to see another tutor. Jack leaves Lucy’s office, and as they say goodbye he gives into temptation and pulls her close.

Zara and Daniel agree their moment in The Mill the day before was a moment – a ‘blip’.

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