Everyone enjoys Jack’s party…

Rob and Imogen are forced to tell Jack about his surprise birthday barbeque to make sure he attends. Cherry helps Imogen find the right outfit to impress Gaz but when Gaz and Jack catch up, they find they’re now very different people. Gaz has joined the army and he’ll soon be leaving for Afghanistan. Devastated, Imogen says a poignant goodbye.

Meanwhile, Cherry is gutted when Jimmi has to dash off to the police station and miss the party – Simon mocks her. Cherry and Julia indulge in the strong punch and, even with Heston as her protector, Julia still manages to fall into a plant pot! Jimmi tries to send a message to Cherry from the station but is distracted.

At the party, Cherry’s disappointed she’s had no news from Jimmi, and when Simon leaves early, Cherry says Heston will give her a lift home. Jimmi does manage to leave Cherry a message but Daniel has stolen her phone to take a photo.

The next morning, Cherry wakes with a huge hangover in a strange bedroom, her clothes strewn across the room… and Daniel sitting on the bed half-naked next to her!

Also, Michelle and Ruth skip the party to discuss Michelle’s future – will she stay at The Mill?

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