The day of Cherry and Jimmi’s engagement party has arrived and preparations are in full swing. Jack’s trying to get the Icon ready while others find outfits for the love songs duets. As Cherry tries to keep control, Jimmi struggles with a questionnaire Heston has compiled for a game of Mr and Mrs.

Cherry’s upset when she gets a call to say her friends and family are stuck on the motorway. After learning the balloons are the wrong colour and the cocktail guy’s not turning up THEN hearing that Zara and Daniel will be late, Cherry bursts into tears.

Jimmi, Kevin and Freya start making cocktails and Heston cranks up the music. Julia gives a heartfelt speech about Cherry and Jimmi and Heston hosts Mr and Mrs. Jimmi presents Cherry with a pink diamond engagement ring and proposes again. Cherry tells him she won’t let anything go wrong on their big day.

The Hollins aren’t in the mood for the party as the prospect of another family therapy session fills them with dread. They all make it to the session – but it ends with Karen comforting a sobbing Imogen.

Zara and Daniel are dressed as Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in Grease when the clinic calls. They want to do a transfer that evening so they don’t bother to change and race off.

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