Everyone wants Duffy back for good!

Casualty spoilers: Duffy returns to Casualty full-time. Is she motivated by love?

Seriously injured Connie is keeping a vigil at her deathly ill daughter’s bedside following last week’s devastating helicopter crash. This means consultant Elle Gardner (Jaye Griffiths) is now acting clinical lead. And it’s not a role she relishes!

The emergency staff are still fragile after last week’s events and under duress to get the ED up and running again. With an influx of patients and major building work being carried out on the ward tensions are running high.

When Duffy comes to the ED to say her goodbye now her agency contract is over, Jacob offers her a job. Despite Elle and Louise begging the calm nurse to stay, Duffy insists she’s leaving…yet volunteers to help out for one day only.

Charlie is so certain his old pal will accept the job before the end of the shift he bets her £20 she’ll sign the contract! It turns out he’s right – Duffy can see she’s needed but something else is keeping her in Holby.

Could Charlie be the real reason Duffy decides to stick around?


Charlie and Duffy Casualty 1998

Charlie and Duffy, as they were back in 1998

Elsewhere, everyone’s concerned Connie is pushing herself too far.

Elle struggles in her new role as acting clinical lead.

Robyn discovers the outcome of her boyfriend Glen’s biopsy. Sadly he only has two years left to live. Her pal David helps Robyn through this difficult time with some wise and comforting words that reveal more about the mysterious nurse’s past.

Meanwhile, romance begins to bud between Alicia and Ethan. But love is stopped in its tracks by the shock arrival of Alicia’s parents Jackie (Tracey Wilkinson) and Howard (James Gaddas) to the ED. Family secrets soon come spilling out and Alicia discovers her father has been unfaithful to her mother for most of their marriage!

When is revealed Howard has infected Jackie with a sexually transmitted disease, Alicia is floored. She turns her back on a possible romance with Ethan and instead gets drunk and picks up a stranger in the local bar.

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