Everyone’s talking about Max!

Paul wants to know what’s going on when he overhears Elle accuse Boyd of vandalism, and Elle finally comes clean about the past, telling her dad that she was the one who drove Max mad.

Following his revelation that Max has made contact with a Salvation Army Shelter, Harold stubbornly refuses to disclose any more information to Steph about her husband’s whereabouts. Steph is furious and frustrated, but Harold maintains that he has to stick to the Salvo’s code of conduct.

After Toadie confirms that Max has a right to privacy, Steph declares she’s giving up on her husband. Later, when Boyd discovers the news about Max, he lashes out at Harold over the Salvo’s privacy policy, before worrying Janae with his strange behaviour.

Elsewhere, when Harold gives Carmella the impression that Will can’t deal with her scars, she resolves to break up with him. But she’s given food for thought when Paul tells her that her decision not to have surgery is nothing short of pathetic martyrdom.

And Janelle is shocked to receive a letter from Loris which declares she’s signing over her share of Lassiters to the Timmins clan. Speechless at the news, Paul attacks Stingray over his drinking problem, and the Timmins family is shocked when Dylan jumps to his brother’s defence.