Everything’s different, nothing’s changed!

Bree’s son Andrew is back, and he’s sleeping off a hangover and slobbing out at Mrs McCluskey’s house. The cross pensioner frog-marches him over to Bree’s place where his mum tries to get some sense out of him. Apart from being a drunk, it seems Andrew’s relationship is in tatters, too. So Bree tries to persuade him to come along to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with her, where she hears some home truths.

Susan is ecstatic to be told by the hospital that they have a kidney for her, and the ladies of Wisteria Lane gather there to celebrate the good news – until they’re told who the kidney donor. All are shocked to hear their slightly unhinged neighbour Beth has shot herself so she can donate her organ.

Meanwhile, grieving evil Paul is told that Beth is being kept on life support following her suicide attempt, but only because she’s an organ donor. He orders the docs not to touch his wife’s body and, at the hospital, tells a shocked Susan that there’s no way she’s getting Beth’s kidney as she wasn’t nice to her during her lifetime! Will he block Susan’s last chance for life? And would Susan accept the kidney is such circumstances, anyway?

Renee is determined to go ahead with her house party, even though most of her neighbours are still in shock over Beth. When Gaby sees the guests there, it seems Renee has invited most of Wisteria Lane’s odd-job men and random teenagers.

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