The storm that has been brewing for weeks over breakfasts, lunches and dinners at Mill Cottage erupts. Nicola unhappily agrees to look after Anya, who’s claiming to be ill. But the little girl really just wants a day off school and when Nicola realises this she marches Anya to Carl’s office. That’s where she runs into Chas – and a cream cake. Chas shoves it in Nicola’s face when she complains again about life at the cottage and Jimmy and Carl have to pull the warring women apart. But Chas hasn’t finished; Jimmy and Nicola return home to find their possessions flying out of their bedroom window. They’re homeless!

It’s panic stations at Smithy Cottage, too, where Aaron has realised he’s left his phone at the gay bar. Not to worry, though, as Jackson has turned up to return it. But does Aaron offer to buy him a drink as a thank-you. Course not! The boy has no manners. Instead, he watches in horror as Jackson gives the phone to Paddy – along with his phone number…

Ashley’s also sick with fear and goes to the police to report psycho Sally. But their questions make him feel ashamed and humiliated and he leaves.

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