The evidence against Brody mounts

As a new witness comes forward, it's not looking good for Brody

Scarlett continues to work through Brody’s case file hoping to win the case and get her career back on track. Meanwhile,  Brody tells Irene he broke things off with Ziggy and there’s more bad news when Jay, the man accusing Brody of stabbing him, gives further evidence.

Scarlett’s worried that she isn’t good enough to defend Brody and things start to stack up against her when a new witness emerges who says Brody is guilty. Has Scarlett bitten off more than she can chew?

Meanwhile, Marilyn and John are dealing with a hungover Raffy. When they later have a heart to heart with her, they’re concerned to learn she’s not settling into Year 10 and feels under pressure to try and fit in. Can they help her and find a solution to the problem?

Elsewhere, Olivia’s spirits get a boost when it seems her fashion plans aren’t such a total disaster after all.