Carmel stresses about the re-opening of Evissa but Michaela and Zak help her turn the salon into a Carmel-style pink palace. Carmel confesses to Michaela that her feud with Jacqui is getting her down and Michaela hatches a plan to put Jacqui out of business at Tan ‘N’ Tumble to force her to team up with Carmel but it only ends up pushing the sisters further apart.

Cindy brags to Darren about being close to moving in full-time with Tony but Darren reminds her he’s one step ahead as he’s already married to Hannah. Holly asks Cindy if she prefers Tony or Darren and Cindy goes through the pros and cons of both. Tony is uncomfortable when Holly reveals that Cindy mentioned marriage and he confronts Cindy and tells her things are moving too fast.

Rhys doesn’t take Neville and Suzanne’s threat to throw him out seriously. Neville intervenes when Rhys and Josh get together for a jam session and Rhys reminds Neville that he’s not his real dad. Rhys gets his marching orders and Josh backs Rhys and says he’ll leave too. Neville and Suzanne call his bluff and tell both boys they want them out.

Also, Kris quits his management role to appease Zoe.

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