Tension’s building as Chrissie’s court case is set to come to a conclusion and no one’s feeling the pressure more than Pollard, who swears Chrissie is to blame for his wife’s death. When the B&B owner vanishes, David is worried and breaks into Pollard’s place to check his dad is OK. He’s stunned when he discovers Pollard has built a shrine dedicated to Val.

As David urges Pollard to accept that life has to go on, he handcuffs himself to the banisters – but comes unstuck when his dad then disappears with the key! Wanting Chrissie to pay for Val’s death, Pollard vows to dish out his own punishment if justice isn’t done in court.

When Diane hears Chas has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder she reckons it’s a Dingles scam to get the barmaid out of trouble. It isn’t, of course, so when Aaron hears Doug echoing Diane’s views he lunges at him! Spotting an opportunity, Robert approaches Aaron to cut a sneaky deal…

David’s new shop is open for business, and Bob gets a shock when he clocks Carly’s working there!