Extreme Wives

Kate Humble heads to India to meet the Khasi people

Kate Humble heads to India to meet the Khasi people.

The final episode of the series sees Kate in Shillong, north eastern India.

She is with the Khasi people, who have one of the very last matrilineal cultures left in the world. After the brutality and inequality witnessed in the first two episodes, Khasi culture feels like a utopia for females.

A woman can be independent and educated, she is in charge of all property and the family’s finances, and the children take her name.

It almost seems too good to be true but, of course, it’s not perfect. Kate discovers many Khasi women are single mothers, with men feeling they have no responsibility to care or pay for their children.

A fascinating conclusion to one of the year’s best documentary series.

Showing at 9.30pm in Wales.