Ezra’s back in Erinsborough

Brad and Lauren are shocked to learn that Ezra Hanley has been appointed the new Acquisitions Manager of Lassiters Hotel and Complex. Terese feels trapped, knowing If she does resign the company isn’t obliged to pay her out, plus there’s no way she’s giving Ezra the satisfaction. But as Ezra pushes harder and harder, Terese’s resolve is gradually chipped away.

Danni tells Josh that he mustn’t feel obliged to carry on helping her when if she goes to jail for Matt’s accident. Meanwhile, Amber invites Daniel to attend an ultrasound and move back in with her Although still wary, Daniel says he will. Later, the couple turn up at The Waterhole where Josh and Danni are having dinner. Daniel snaps, accusing Josh of deliberately flaunting Danni to get back at Amber. Although Josh denies it, Daniel punches him in the face…

Karl’s going through Nick’s patient files and asks Georgia to help him out, both to make up for the back pay she’s lost, and to persuade her to come back to work. As they continue going through the files, a shocked Karl discovers that one of Nick’s patients is in fact Georgia’s mum.