For Facts Sake – BBC1

Brendan O'Carroll hosts a comedy quiz about ordinary people and their amazing facts, with audience members joining teams led by two Mrs Brown's Boys' stars

Is Scotland the most ginger nation on Earth?

What were frisbees before they were frisbees?

The answers to these and other fascinating questions are revealed in this entertaining and surprisingly educational comedy quiz hosted by Brendan O’Carroll.

He may have left Agnes Brown’s apron at home in the drawer, but Brendan’s trademark naughty sense of humour is present in abundance as he invites members of the studio audience to share unusual facts about specialist subjects and test their knowledge.

Brendan’s son Danny O’Carroll and Paddy Houlihan, aka Buster and Dermot from Mrs Brown’s Boys, are also on top form as tonight’s team captains.

For Facts Sake shows Brendan O'Carroll as quiz master in For Facts Sake

Host with the most: Brendan O’Carroll

Here, Brendan, 63, tells us more about his show.

How did the idea for this show come about?
I always used to ask my kids to guess which one of three ‘facts’ was true, and they’d always pick the wrong one.

I thought, ‘What if we had a game where we could dispel myths and provide actual facts?’

I really enjoy making up the things that aren’t facts for the show.

What is your favourite part 
of the show?
I’ve liked having different experts come in, and each week I found out something I didn’t know.

We also have Pepsi [Pat ‘Pepsi’ Shields – AKA Mrs Brown’s son Mark] dressing up and
sharing facts.

He’s fantastic as Shakespeare!

Do you enjoy interacting with 
the members of the audience?
Yes, it’s exciting because I don’t know what I’ll get from them.

I tend to work better when 
I don’t know what’s happening – as you can tell!

They all 
bring a fact and a related prop, which we call a ‘thingummyjig’, and when you see some props, you think, ‘This one is a weirdo!’

I was sorry that we never got 
to the guy who built a house out of Smarties!

The full interview can be seen in this week’s TV Times on sale on 9 October.

TV Times rating: ****