There’s a 
small fortune (£165,000 to be precise) riding on the evidence uncovered by Fiona Bruce and art expert Philip Mould in tonight’s return of the art detective series Fake or Fortune?

Fake or Fortune? Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould

Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould outside Scone Palace

Back in 2006 viewer Lyn bought a still life painting of a jug by the celebrated British artist William Nicholson, but it’s now considered to be a fake, meaning Lyn stands to lose 
the entire £165,000 she paid for it.

Fiona and Philip set to work to prove the painting’s authenticity, but there’s a setback when Fiona speaks to convicted art fraudster John Myatt, who admits he once forged a Nicholson still life of a jug that’s still unaccounted for.

Could it be Lyn’s?

TV Times rating: ****