Staff nurse Fletch has been doing his best to get into estranged wife Natalie’s good books since he admitted to having a fling with a colleague. But when pregnant Natalie tells Fletch he can’t have their three children for the weekend, it leads to a bitter row. This results their daughter Evie running away from home.

Fletch tracks Evie down to an abandoned house, but before he can take her home the ceiling collapses!

Fletch and his co-workers, new doctor Cal and paramedic Jeff, work hard to rescue Evie. They then rush her to the emergency department only for her condition to worsen…

But that’s not the only crisis he has to deal with. On her way to the hospital to be at Evie’s bedside, Natalie’s involved in a car crash that puts their unborn baby at risk.

With so much at stake, and with a little encouragement from Tess, Natalie and Fletch put the trauma of the day behind them and give their marriage another go. But how would Natalie react if she knew Tess was the colleague Fletch cheated with?

Elsewhere, Ash is worried Lily might be embarrassed after her drunken pass at him. He’s a little disappointed, however, when Lily appears unconcerned by the incident!