Family feuds!

*Hour-long episode*

So, there’s Nikhil trying to have a nice celebration for his engagement to Gennie, the woman he loves and the mother of his unborn child. But it was never going to happen… Charity has invited Georgia, who is angry with her husband, Rishi, and gets angry with Nikhil when she hears Gennie’s pregnant and he didn’t tell her. Then Val arrives as Rishi’s date and Georgia hits the roof. Val leaves and Georgia and Rishi fight – they fight so badly it becomes clear that their marriage is over. Jai’s furious that Charity invited Georgia to the house, but what he’s really angry about is that Nikhil’s having a baby and he’ll never have one because Charity won’t have more children. Not much to party about really.

There’s nothing to make Lisa smile. Zak’s still in hospital and the loan sharks still want their money back. They return to Wishing Well Cottage and tell Lisa that Zak borrowed one thousand pounds – and with the interest he now owes them more than eight thousand pounds! A quick visit to the hospital confirms Lisa’s worst fears: Zak admits he borrowed the money and tells her he’s buried it on the moors… somewhere.

Val almost buried Pollard with that moped stunt on Amy’s birthday, but he’s out of hospital and back on his feet – with the help of crutches.