My Family and the Galapagos – C4

Marine Biologist Monty Halls goes on a working holiday with his young family in tow in My Family and the Galapagos on Channel 4

Explorer and marine biologist Monty Halls goes on a research trip like no other in this three-part series.

For three months he moves his young family – five-year-old Isla, three-year-old Molly and wife Tamsin – to the Galapagos Islands.


The Halls snorkelling in Las Grieta

‘There is no better explorer than a five-year-old,’ he says, as his girls look wide-eyed at the amazing wildlife all around them. But this is not just a holiday: Tamsin, a keen environmentalist, is looking at the state of the islands’ beaches, and, in particular, the shocking amount of plastic washing up on shore.

Monty is also busy with research on the health of these unique islands and the stunning wildlife that call them home.

TV Times rating: *****