My Family and the Galapagos – C4

Monty Halls joins a team monitoring juvenile sharks, and tries to determine whether the ecosystems of the Galapagos can cope with all the people who live and visit there

Monty Halls and his family have been on the Galapagos for a month and are beginning to find their feet.

His girls, Molly, three, and Isla, five, are having a ball, making the most of their wild and
free adventure.

But having his children with him makes Monty question even more the reason he is there – what state will these remarkable islands be in for the next generation?


Isla and Molly admire the mobula rays

With so many visitors, so much rubbish, illegal fishing and invasive species causing havoc with the delicate ecosystem, saving the islands seems to be an impossible task.

But Monty meets some people who are making a real difference.

From floating bin men to organic farmers, inspirational guides and sustainable fishermen, 
the future may be tough, but it’s in good hands.

TV Times rating: ****