Family matters

Monica throws a rock ‘n’ roll themed 60th birthday party for her brother Edgar. But while the celebrations are in full swing he has a fatal heart attack. Edgar’s shocking death reveals a deep, dark secret – Monica and Ethel are sisters who haven’t spoken in 20 years!

However, Edgar’s death fails to reconcile the sisters – especially when Ethel is planning a conventional funeral but Monica has discovered, as executor of Edgar’s will, their brother had other funeral plans in mind.

Layla, realising Michael’s missing his family, invites Fred and Kyle over for a family dinner. Fred’s a pushover to her charms but Layla’s inability to understand Kyle makes Michael long for his former family life.

When Ethel fails to reconcile with Monica before Edgar’s funeral, Ethel and All The Small Things do a runner with his coffin during the ceremony and hold an open-air cremation for him in the style of his musical hero, Gram Parsons.

Ethel confronts her husband, Gilbert, on the affair he had with a lady called Doris which ultimately caused the rift between her and her siblings. He’s shocked she knew about his infidelity and let it ruin all their lives for so many years.

Meanwhile, Jake bares his soul to Esther and reveals he’s an alcoholic who has been sober for six years and that Layla’s his sister!