Harold doesn’t want the street to make a fuss about him leaving and plans to leave at the crack of dawn without anyone noticing. However the street has different plans. When Harold wakes up in the morning the street have organised a farewell breakfast and Harold is blown away by their kindness and says goodbye to his friends for the last time. He enlists Susan’s help to distribute a few things before he leaves, one of the items being a history of Ramsay Street with Toadie as the keeper of its spirit.

The Ramsay Street residents gather around to say an emotional farewell to a friend who has been there for all of them, throughout 23 years on Ramsay Street. So long Harold Bishop – thanks for a wonderful 23 years on Neighbours!

Bridget starts to question whether she’s mature enough to look after a child and researches the adoption process without consulting Declan. When he catches her looking at an adoption website she tells him of her decision. She wants to adopt their baby out.

Declan is hurt and angry, how could she make this decision without him involved? When Miranda finds out she is horrified, she doesn’t want to lose her grandchild and offers to mother Bridget’s baby herself.

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