It’s the day of paramedic Jeff’s funeral and Dixie is distracted. Although their marriage was over long ago, Dixie feels guilty about not having divorced him sooner so that he and Tamzin could have spent more time together.

When Dixie sees how brave Tamzin’s being, organising a wake to celebrate Jeff’s life, she tells Tamzin that Jeff was going to propose. A shocked Tamzin breaks down, then starts to consider her future at Holby City – how can she carry on working there as a paramedic when every day she’ll be reminded of Jeff?

At the funeral, two former ED staff members turn up to pay their respects to Jeff – student nurse Jamie and paramedic Iain who receives a surprise job offer. And although an injured Ethan has been ordered to stay in bed, he’s determined to make it to the ceremony, whatever it takes…

Back at the ED, newcomer Honey Wright (Waterloo Road’s Chelsee Healey) ruffles a few feathers on her first day.