Farewell letter

Gaby and Carlos head to Gaby’s hometown in Texas on the advice of her therapist, who thinks it will help Gaby deal with the abuse she suffered from her stepfather if she visits his grave and reads him a letter. When they get there, however, Gaby’s surprised to find she’s become the small town’s celebrity, with pictures of her modelling days everywhere, people asking her for photographs and even the local paper wanting to interview her.

Carlos worries that she won’t confront her past as they’ve come here to do, but running into a nun who used to be her teacher at school brings a lot of Gaby’s painful memories to the surface. She successfully does what she went there to do.

Keith asks Bree to move with him to Florida so he can be near his son, while Porter and Preston move out of the Scavo home, but don’t get very far – they become Mrs McCluskey’s new lodgers! Paul sends Zach to rehab, and Susan starts using her kidney condition to get some benefits, like moving to the front of the supermarket queue.

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