Farewell Sally!

After arriving back home to find a house without any furniture, Sally wants to delay her trip and stay until she’s sorted things out, but the others won’t hear of it. However, Sally calms down and ends up bestowing the gift of half the caravan park on Miles before bidding farewell to Summer Bay.

While Jack deals with his devastation of losing his unborn child and his guilt from turning Sam into the police, Tony is shocked when McGrath arrives with a note left by Sam outside the police station, detailing all of Jack’s indiscretions as a policeman.

McGrath agrees to give Jack the benefit of the doubt, but points out that if Sam tries to make a deal with them when they catch her, they’ll have to take her seriously. Against Tony’s better judgement, Jack decides to get out of town for a few days.

Ric gets a text from Noel admitting he stole the Summer Bay House furniture. When Ric meets him, Noel urges him to fight, offering him enough cash to pay for new furniture and a new car, with change to spare. Ric refuses, but Noel insists he take some time to think it over.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday May 14*

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