Erinsborough residents gather together for Stingray’s funeral and Janelle is touched by the large turnout of Stingray’s friends, many of whom she’s never seen before. After an emotional day, Janelle says a few words in tribute to her son and the family plant a tree in Stingray’s memory in the Timmins back yard.

Guilty Boyd feels unworthy of attending Stingray’s funeral but is grateful when a sympathetic Janae asks him to attend. Boyd makes a speech about Stingray, and it’s clear he’s regretting his terrible behaviour towards Glenn and Janae. Later, Glenn walks out on Boyd and tells him he needs to grow up before Janae takes him back. Boyd is left with food for thought.

Hell bent on self destruction, Dylan breaks into the ScarletBar and aggressively lunges towards Boyd at the funeral. Realising he is losing it, he asks Steiger for help. At Steiger’s bidding, Kim asks Dylan to come away from Erinsborough with him up north for a spell to sort himself out and Dylan agrees, bidding an emotional farewell to his family.

Also, Sky gets a tattoo in tribute to Stringray and Steiger decides not to arrest Kim.