Farmer John wants to talk to Adam, Holly and Hannah about his relationship with Chas, but they deliver a body blow when they tell him they don’t want to know. Ouch! When Moira arrives at the farm, the kids leave, desperate for their parents to talk. But John delivers a body blow of his own to Moira when he asks her for a divorce. Ouch again! (Frankly, though, that cardie he’s wearing is grounds for divorce, so Moira should be the one doing the asking). Back at her home away from home with Marlon, Moira collapses with grief. John, though, gets a passionate kiss from Chas.

Katie gets a bit of a cold shoulder from Nicola as she moves in to Home Farm. Declan has told her to help Katie unpack ,but Nicola’s not that keen on helping Katie to settle in. It’s not that she wants Declan herself, but she has enjoyed running the show at Home Farm and now Katie’s going to be seen as Lady of the Manor.

Val’s nose is out of joint, too. She thought Pollard would have had to stay and run the B&B while she and Amy went to Portugal, but no – David and Diane have come to his rescue and now he’s packing his budgie smugglers!