Farmer John makes a pact with devilish Declan

Moira bites her tongue as farmer John signs on the dotted line with Declan. There’s her husband, getting into bed with Declan in a purely business sense, and there’s her son Adam getting into bed with Declan’s wife Ella for a cheap thrill. What a mess! Meanwhile, Adam tries to finish with Ella – but she’s not finished with him. It doesn’t have to be over just because his mum says so, says Ella; Adam can lie to his mum – and he does.

Paddy’s not being completely honest, either. He’s told Chas how he feels out of place around Rhona, Marlon and the baby, but he hasn’t told Rhona. He wants to feel useful, but feels useless when Rhona worries that she’s an incompetent mother. It’s the midwife who makes Rhona feel better – and makes Paddy feel left out again – when she tells Rhona and Marlon they’re doing fine as new parents.

Debbie has proved to be a good mum to Sarah (since the maternal instinct kicked in). She’s not convinced of Alicia’s parenting skills, but lets her take Sarah shopping for a birthday present – something like a doll or a pretty hair ribbon. Sarah comes back with pierced ears and Debbie’s ready to pierce Alicia.