Farmer John’s in a black mood

It’s starting to seem as if the police are hoping to solve the assault on Cain by closing their eyes and sticking pins in pictures of the Emmerdale villagers, convinced that they’ll hit the mark eventually. They’ve arrested then released Charity and Jai and now they’ve done the same with farmer John. But he’s only out on bail. Still, you would think he’d be relieved, but his bottom lip is at full pout again when he gets home and finds Moira cooking dinner. He doesn’t want her back and he doesn’t want Cain dead. He needs Cain alive to clear his name.

Despite all his evil doings, Debbie doesn’t want Cain dead, either, but she’s more concerned with creating a new life that could save Sarah. That’s why she has invited Andy over; it’s the perfect time for her body to create a baby. Not even the mysterious disappearance of Cain’s car – on top of him having his head bashed in – will keep Debbie away from Andy. And Cameron’s not happy about that at all.

Charity and Jai aren’t happy with each other, still convinced the other is guilty. Even Jai’s dad and Chas think they’re guilty. If only Cain would wake up and tell the police whodunnit…