Fashion disaster

The school fashion show gets under way, much to everyone’s excitement. Ronan’s mentor Dan – a modelling pro – proves a big hit with the ladies when he’s brought in to judge the show, although Adanna, for one, is not won round by his charms. Ronan teams up with Bex, Jess and Vicki for the event, and quickly notices Vicki’s lack of confidence. With the best of intentions, he convinces Dan to single her out for attention, but his plan has unforeseen consequences.

After the shock news of her pregnancy, Cesca is determined to go ahead with the termination. As she heads to the clinic, however, Jonah makes a last-ditch attempt to dissuade her, insisting that he is determined to be a good dad. Later, back at Waterloo Road, the pair share an intimate moment, not realising that they’re being watched.

Elsewhere, literature-lovers Grantly and Ruby bond over a discussion of how much they enjoyed their recent book swap. When Grantly reveals his dream of becoming a writer, the pair agree to form an unlikely creative partnership.