Eddie thinks the way has been cleared for him to woo Viv now that he’s persuaded Bob to stay away and he sets about making himself indispensable around the house. Over a drink, a tipsy Viv pours her heart out to him and Eddie is about to make his move when he’s interrupted by Jamie.

Louise’s trust in Hari begins to waver when she finds out that Hari took £10k from the vets’ business account to buy the racehorse and mysteriously paid it back in full. A suspicious Louise asks Hari whether the repayment money was a bribe from Grayson, but a lying Hari insists that it was an insurance payout.

Sharon plays lady muck as she waits for her footballer fiance Dan to arrive in the village and tells Louise that she wants Egyptian cotton bedsheets in their room at the B&B! Sharon is left disappointed when Dan calls to say he can’t make it and Rodney wonders if Sharon is being played for a fool.

Also, Louise and Hari have their engagement party, but Louise is disappointed by her friends’ lack of enthusiasm.