Ronnie thinks up ways to raise money to pay for Jack’s care and tries to raise Max and Carol’s rent. Fat Boy offers to DJ at the club and promises to bring in the punters. The power cuts out as he starts his set and the punters want their entrance money back. Ronnie confesses to Max she’s told Jack she’s sending him to a private clinic. Max says she can’t afford it. Ronnie stares at an insurance letter for the club…

Billy is in the hospital waiting for news of Honey. Billy has found out that Honey is in a critical condition after a car crash and her dad Jack has died. Billy takes William and Janet home, but worries about how he’s going to cope. Billy tells Phil that he can’t look after the children on his own.

Zainab and Syed meet up with Masood and Tamwar to thrash things out. Masood agrees to forgive them. Syed and Zainab prepare to move back home. Syed visits Christian in hospital, but Christian tells him to leave. Syed turns to see his disappointed parents looking at him and they walk off.

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