Fatboy can’t forget about Denise!

Fatboy has Denise on his mind and he plucks up the courage to visit her. When he gets to the front door his nerves get the better of him and he quickly walks away. Denise has spotted Fatboy from her bedroom window and seductively calls him back to the house. Denise is flattered when Fatboy hands her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Against her better judgement she pulls him in for a kiss.

As the bailiffs prepare to empty the restaurant, a horrified Zainab accuses Tamwar of messing up the business. When the bailiffs mention written warnings, Tamwar realises that Syed must have received them, but bites his tongue. Christian also knows Syed is to blame for the unpaid mortgage, but is shocked to discover Syed has gone…

AJ buys some time by offering the bailiffs a part-payment. When Masood tries to get money out of the trust fund account he discovers it’s been emptied by Zainab. Meanwhile, Christian is appalled when instead of facing up to things, Syed packs for their honeymoon. Christian tells him he can go alone. A guilty Syed finds Masood and reveals that Zainab took the money for him.