Fatboy protects Donna from Martin

Donna is nervous that no one will turn up when Pam organises a last-minute birthday party for her. Her fears are groundless, however, when the party in the Vic gets off to a great start. Things take a nasty turn when a drunk Martin flirts with Donna, trying to kiss her. Realising Martin is only doing it for a bet, a furious Fatboy intervenes. After the party comes to an unwelcome end, Pam has a surprise for Donna – her foster mother.

Martin is in an awful mood after seeing Sonia kissing Tina. Taking his frustrations out on various people around the Square, he makes things even worse by trying to kiss Donna. Frustrated with is behaviour, Sonia confronts him. Martin outs Sonia and Tina’s kiss in front of everyone!

Tamwar and Shabnam have some family time together, talking through their fears about relationships. Fired up, Shabnam feels brave enough to confront Kush, heading to Donna’s party in the Vic. Worried by Kush’s drunken behaviour, Shabnam takes Kush aside. She’s shocked when he reveals his wife died and this week would have been her birthday.

Also, Masood falls further into gambling, taking his savings to the bookies…