The Vin Diesel petrolhead action-movie franchise rolls on, as ludicrously entertaining and OTT as ever.

In this latest trip, the eighth, Diesel’s carjacker hero Dominic Toretto and his outlaw band picking up new allies and new enemies. Chief among the latter is Charlize Theron’s ice-blonde cyber terrorist (‘the very definition of hi-tech terrorism’), who blackmails Dom into betraying his gang and helping her nefarious missile-stealing, world-threatening plans.

Fortunately, a number of old foes – principally Dwayne Johnson’s hulky cop Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s reformed bad guy Deckard Shaw – are now on board to ensure things work out fine.

New director F Gary Gray  jacks up the action and the humour, with Helen Mirren as Statham’s gorblimey cockney mum proving a scene-stealing hoot.