A missing son and a 1960s-style Robin Hood turn out to be one and the same man – and he’s got the Ashfordly officers and rent-a-cops Oscar and Alf on his tail…

Councillor Douglas Philpot hasn’t seen his son Ian for months and turns to his golfing buddy Oscar for help. With his sidekick Alf, Oscar sets out to find Ian and they quickly discover that father and son didn’t enjoy a close relationship. In fact, Daddy is a bully who wanted to be puppet master and pull Ian’s strings, so Ian cut himself loose. Oscar would be doing Ian a favour if he left him unfound, but Oscar can’t do that… He’s been hired to do a job and he’s determined to finish it.

Sergeant Miller and Pc Joe Mason are just as determined to find a burglar who has been very busy in their area. What Oscar and the boys in blue don’t realise is that they’re after the same man. Ian is robbing local councillors and giving the money to people who were swindled by the officials and forced into more expensive housing. His father is one of the cheating councillors and Ian robs his home, but is seen. Oscar, Alf and the cops track Ian to the developers’ offices, but he refuses to put his hands up.