Faye’s still playing up and Anna tells Tim that for now it’s best he has no contact with her. Witnessing the exchange Brian tries to talk to Faye at school, but she lies and claims that Anna hits her, leaving Brian aghast. With no choice he calls social services as Faye begins to worry about the severity of her lie.

Fiz sets Chesney up with Katy at the cafe, hoping it will force them to talk. Chesney’s not happy about being tricked by Fiz, but agrees to hear Katy out. As she apologises for having her head turned by Ryan she insists it’s Chesney she loves, he tells her it’s time he moved on.

When the tickets arrive for a holiday Eileen and Paul booked months ago she offers them to him. But due to start a new job Paul suggests Eileen take Julie instead.

Also, after scattering Sunita’s ashes Dev admits he has to focus on his kids now and tells Sophie he plans to look for a nanny so he can return to work; Nick tells Mary no more theme nights at the bistro.