Grace spots Mary getting into her motor home and suggests to Faye and Simon they have a bit of fun winding her up. Egged on by Grace, Faye agrees. But when Grace suggests they try and break one of the windows on her motorhome, Faye accepts the challenge.

Hayley’s adamant she wants to visit Jane at the hospice, despite Roy arguing she’s still not strong enough herself. Hayley, however, insists and despite his reservations about Hayley’s fragile state he eventually agrees. But when they arrive Hayley is devastated to discover Jane has passed away.

As Todd affects humility, insisting he wants to pay Eileen back, he sets about job hunting. Heading to the Bistro he tells Gloria he’s an old friend of Nick’s and bets her he can make the best pina colada she’s ever tasted. Under pressure Gloria agrees, but Nick is furious when he finds Todd behind the bar.

Also, after spending hours on Amy’s project Steve is gutted to discover he wasn’t as much help to her as he thought.