Faye begs Anna to lend her and Tim money

Tim breaks the news to Faye that he can’t afford to pay for her school trip. Faye’s gutted and asks Anna if she’ll lend Tim the money. Owen’s against it, insistent that Tim must learn what it means to be a parent, and Anna agrees, for now.

Izzy tells Gary that she’s arranged to meet Tina for a drink and clear the air (she’s noticed that Tina looks stressed). Calling at Tina’s flat a worried Gary tells her about Tommy’s threats. Tina promises Tommy won’t say anything, but as they meet in the bistro and Tommy walks in, Gary’s discomfort turns to dismay.

Sylvia tracks down St John’s old friend Mark and presents Roy with St John’s address in Blackburn. Roy sets of to pay St John a visit…

Also, Karl tells Gloria she’s got her priorities all wrong and should be helping her daughter in her hour of need; aalling on Owen, Gloria asks how much it would cost to finish the Rovers job and pay off Stella’s debt, but she baulks at the amount; as Katy and Ryan kiss outside No 6, after leaving Joseph with Anna, a hurt Chesney accuses Katy of having little interest in her son any more.