As her son Archie’s life hangs in the balance, Sister Faye’s world is about to fall apart with a series of disasters. Against hospital rules, Faye tends to Archie by changing his saline bag, while desperately hoping that his condition improves. However, when Archie tragically dies, the aftermath of the tragedy sends shockwaves across to hospital.

Knowing that changing Archie’s bag wasn’t to blame for his death, Connie, Ric and Joseph agree to cover for her – not wanting to add to her trauma. However, the only other witness to the break in protocol, nurse Lauren, decides to inform new CEO Vanessa Lytton, aware that Archie’s death was her own fault after she administered the wrong drug to him.

Vanessa, unwilling to turn a blind eye to the situation, calls all those involved in to an investigation. When accusations of malpractice fly, Vanessa shows her as yet unseen steely side to her staff. As Faye grieves for her dead son, it looks like she could also be about to lose her job, along with accomplices Ric, Connie and husband Joseph…

Elsewhere, while Mark locks horns with new Matron Judith, he makes progress with Maddy’s killer Chantelle – can he finally get her to confess to her murder?

Donna gets involved in a race against time when a patient’s daughter is kidnapped to be taken to Pakistan for an arranged marriage.

Meanwhile, Connie’s robotics project launches to great praise, but as she deals with Archie’s death Michael steps in to steal her thunder…