Faye destroys Norris’s competition chances

Norris is looking forward to the Weatherfield in Bloom competition being judged today, but when he discovers his plants have been butchered, he flies into a rage accusing Gail. Meanwhile, Owen is shocked to find Faye on a nearby street selling flowers to passersby. She admits she just wanted to make some money for Anna, but Owen tells her she’ll have to own up.

Tina’s suspicious as Tommy gets another text from Rick telling him his next car will arrive today. Tommy lies that it’s another valeting job, so when Tyrone has trouble starting his own car and he needs to get Kirsty to a hospital appointment, he borrows the vehicle. Arriving back from lunch with Tina and presuming the car’s been stolen, a terrified Tommy is forced to call Rick. But when Tyrone returns in the car Tommy lays into him, with all his pent-up anxiety pouring out. Shocked, Tina wants to know what’s going on.

Carla’s summoned Eileen to the office. After failing to meet their deadline when Eileen went missing yesterday they’ve lost a repeat order. Turning on Eileen, Carla sacks her on the spot. Explaining that she’s been having a rough time Eileen tries to talk Carla round.

Also, Carla struggles to be a parent to Simon…