Faye gets closer to Cain

Ryan can’t believe that Faye’s returned the money to Cain so he lies, telling her he earned it by securing a new client for the garage. Faye invites Cain for a drink at the Woolpack to apologise and Cain spends the evening flirting with her. Later on, outside Faye’s house, they share a kiss. But Faye pulls away and orders Cain to leave before he can take things further.

Natasha is stunned to discover Nathan is in Cain’s debt over the stolen car and Nathan decides to leave for London to escape the village. Mark suggests the family take a holiday but Natasha tells him it’ll take more than a weekend away to heal the rift.

Debbie is floored after discovering that Michael is seeing another woman. As she rails to Chas about Michael’s deceit Chas is reminded of her own infidelity. Still wracked with guilt after sleeping with Carl behind Paddy’s back Carl tells Chas she’s going to have to tell Paddy the truth about their affair…

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