Faye has a surprise for Mark

Mark and Natasha return from Scotland and Mark discovers a bunch of missed calls from Faye. Mark calls Faye to find out what she’s playing at and she insists that he meet up with her, but he bluntly turns her down. At Faye’s, her son Ryan (former Hollyoaks star James Sutton) is staying with her, and he comes out of the shower just as Faye finishes up her call to Mark. Ryan wants to know who Mark is, but Faye dismisses Mark as an old friend.

Mark stops Natasha from interfering when she sees Cain chatting up Maisie in The Woolpack. But Mark snaps when Cain hints about what he’s been up to with Maisie over the weekend. Mark follows Cain outside and warns him to stay away from his daughter. Cain shrugs and walks off and an irate Mark punches him. Jimmy pulls Mark away from Cain and Cain menacingly tells Mark that he’ll get his revenge.

Debbie is miffed when Carl withdraws his business from the garage. Cain tells her to forget about the Kings’ unpaid bill as they’ve won the war and are better off without them. Debbie takes her dad’s advice and looks to build a successful future instead.