After her evening with Mark, Faye feels like playing a bit more… Positive that she owes Katie an apology for her behaviour over dinner she heads up to Home Farm. Oh, and while she’s there she makes sure she’s seen by Nathan and Natasha. Angered by the home visit, Natasha rants at Mark, convinced that Faye was really there to see him, not Katie. Playing right into Faye’s hands, Mark turns up on her doorstep again and is invited inside. He turns on Faye, saying she used Cain to make him jealous and Faye knows she has him hooked. She asks him to leave, but how much longer can they both contain their true feelings?

At the vicarage things aren’t quite going Sally’s way any more… The Bishop has turned up to tell Ashley that he should not be interfering in Vincent and Sally’s marriage. And he tells Sally she and Vincent should be getting professional help. Unhappily, Sally agrees but Ashley doesn’t think she should be forced to return to an unhappy marriage…

Elsewhere, Aaron’s pursuit of Holly finally pays off and she agrees to go for a drink with him. Young love… Is it destined to mature?