Faye pays Ryan another visit and she’s not full of doom and gloom. Result! But Ryan still has plenty to worry about. As Faye shares the good news about Maisie’s determination to help him he realises that nasty Nathan might take steps to keep their sister quiet. Good thinking! Faye needs to protect Maisie, says Ryan. Ah… who does he think his mum is – Wonder Woman? Faye does get Maisie to move in with her, but what they really need is a bit of muscle.

Alicia’s throwing her weight around again. With a voice like hers ringing around the village, Leyla should add earplugs to her stock – they’d fly off the shelf. That said, Leyla is in the wrong. She and David are babysitting Jacob while Alicia works – that part’s fine. But when Alicia pops home to put her son to bed she finds Leyla’s already done it. That’s when she gives Leyla another ear-bashing about Leyla not being Jacob’s mum. Trouble is, Leyla did give birth to Jacob and she’s struggling to fight her maternal instincts.

Hazel’s maternal instinct is to do what’s best for Jackson as he lies, helpless, in his hospital bed. But where does that leave guilt-ridden Aaron?

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